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Service to the People of Indiana

Prior to her seven years in city government, Beth served as Chief Legal Counsel and Director of Job Training in the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. From 1995-1997, Beth was the chief legal counsel at the Marion County Office of Family and Children, where she supervised a large staff of attorneys who championed family rights and child protection issues. During this time, she worked extensively with local law enforcement to ensure the protection of Marion County’s children and to prosecute child abuse and neglect. She took on the responsibility of screening and reviewing every Child in Need of Services (CHINS) petition filed in an effort to establish consistent standards and present the strongest possible case to the court. She was a frequent presenter and panelist in the community about child abuse and neglect and was consulted about legislative changes.

Her first government appointment was as a Deputy Prosecutor in the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. During the three years she served as a Prosecutor, Beth handled Juvenile Delinquency (including major felony gun and drug crimes), drunk driving, intermediate felony (including gun and drug crimes, forgery, theft, auto theft, prostitution and recklessness) and major felony (including burglary, attempted murder, gun and drug) matters. She often volunteered for special assignments including crime prevention programs in the schools and working with law enforcement in the neighborhoods to empower citizens to keep their communities safe. She accepted a position in the media/community relations division, working closely with law enforcement to communicate with victims, the public and the media about cases and charging decisions made by the office.

Beth began her legal career as a litigator at the Indianapolis law firm of Barnes and Thornburg. While there, she worked on important cases involving the constitutionality of the Indiana school funding formula. Beth was also counsel to a legislative recount and on the team that defended the Marion County Prosecutor’s recount. Earlier, Beth had the privilege of interning in Washington, D.C., for the Honorable Lee H. Hamilton in his Congressional office, and that experience led her to return to D.C. for law school.

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